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Delist The Groves School in Wrexham

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In 2016, the building formerly known as the Groves School in Wrexham, North East Wales was formally listed as a grade-II status. As to why it got listed, not many people know. This is due to the fact that the building provides no significant heritage to Wrexham or its surrounding areas.

In 2017, the land surrounding the building was home to a sort-of shanty-town, whereby around 20 people lived there for a temporary period of time. During that period, a large amount vandalism and anti-social behavior took place against the building itself, due to the listing, it's the government's responsibility to clean it up - This is utterly ridiculous as anti-social behaviour against the building will continue and just cost the government more money to repair. 

From an economic point of view, the abandoned school has cost Wrexham over £1.1m from 2015/16 until December 29th, 2017. It's truly outrageous that schools across Wrexham are having to lay off teaching assistants due to budget cuts whilst the government are funding a useless old building. 

In terms of the building itself, I personally believe that it's an eye-sore and a real pain to look at. In addition, the building is beside one of the main entry roads into the Wrexham town itself - What kind of first impression does that give to people entering the town? Oh, that we don't care and that we'd happily leave a desolate, old, abandoned building for show to the general public. Just another thing to add to decrease the town's morale. Also, the building isn't actually doing anything for anyone, other than draining the local government's cash that could be used for other things..

Regarding the building's materials, it is, quite literally, just a load of brick, mortar and asbestos. To attempt to renovate it and transform it into a working school is clearly an idiotic idea as it would cost more to fully renovate it than it would to demolish and rebuild into an entirely new school altogether (which the Wrexham area desperately needs). Furthermore, it's highly likely that no contracting companies would be willing to take on the task of renovating an asbestos-ridden old building.

Due to the above, I feel that the building should be de-listed as soon as possible, to save money as a priority.

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