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give your valuable suggestions

4 February 2022
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Started by Pratham Ahlawat

Respected Sir

Delhi University is closed for the last 2 years.. We know that it was covid at that time so this decision was the best.

But now the vaccination has been done, so colleges should be opened for all the students.

But with proper safety measures 

1. Without complete vaccination no one is allowed in colleges. 

2. Masks and sanitizers are compulsory.

and etc other...

Sir college life is such a time, when students learn very important things which help them to succeed.This is the time that turns normal students into a doctor, teacher, engineer, scientist or entrepreneur etc.

College life gives students the ability to fight their weaknesses.If colleges are not opened then we will not be able to learn many skills and we will be left behind other people. Sir students are the future of the nation.

Sir, What will we learn if we don't go out the house at all? Sitting at home, we can take just bookish knowledge but we will be far behind in other skills and knowledge.

Sir, if this continues, then many future entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, etc. will remain as normal students.

We kindly request you to open the colleges and help us to grow more.

From students of Delhi University 

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Signatures: 17Next Goal: 25
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