We want to take the pressure and stress off of students during the pandemic.

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     Students at Delhi High School are  currently stressing more over their assignments being turned in and grades rather than the worldwide pandemic occurring. Many of us are freshman and haven’t had the chance to rest after this horrible worldwide disaster. Many students are currently stressing over their grades and wondering if they can complete the work on time rather than the problems happening outside and could affect us and our own family. Instead of having to worry over simple assignments we should focus on the safety of our own family and our health. Many of us understand that education is important and is needed for a career we want to pursue, however we have worse problems to worry about.

     Some students at school, whether you noticed or not, relied on school WiFi to complete and turn in assignments to the best of their ability. Taking this into consideration and taking notice that not everyone is lucky enough to have access at their finger tips, the school has to realize other problems as well. In some cases students, including myself, are put under constant pressure of our own family. We don’t always have time to finish the back to back assignments given to us daily by teachers. Not all students think the same so we should take into consideration that just because one student isn’t stressing others aren’t as well. Every student is different, we learn differently, and that bring me to the next conflict. The education itself. To but it simple, we aren’t learning or enjoying it as much as we did than when we attended school. We have now realized the true importance and advantage we have over being able to attend school which is why we want to bring up the fact that we don’t have the correct ways of learning. Schools preach about how technology is ruining our minds when in reality we rely on it quite often. In my case, I haven’t learned anything, I haven’t lost anything either. I’m at a state where I feel like i’m doing all of this for nothing and there nothing beneficial to come out of it. Another dilema would be work and siblings. Many of our families consist of our own sibling where our parents can’t take care of them. This brings us to the problem that we ourselves have to take care of them while out parents worry about other problems like being able to go out and buy stuff to supply our family or even to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. In some cases, students are put to work at a young age and have little to no time to alter between school work and home work. Bringing up another dilemma, you see, cheating is so much easier now. From a student’s point of view it has become so much easier with just a couple clicks on the phone. I am in no way thanking the fact that we can cheat, instead I feel upset. This doesn’t allow kids to use their mind to their full potential and will rely on others for answers. Cheating defeats the purpose of our education and learning, do you really think students will admit they’re cheating when the teacher is nowhere in sight and have the answers at the tip of their fingers? No, students nowadays would rather have a good score and pass than admit they cheating and be honest. Students now feel that the point of school is to simply pass rather than learn. 

     Other ways we could change the education system while in quarantine would be to further extend out time when assignments are due. Now that we are out of school, they shouldn’t expect us to have all the time of the day to finish work. Further extending our assignments will give us more time in the day to complete the many assignments we have and check them to turn them in with our best effort. Another way that we could change the system would be to assign specific subjects on specific days. It would make it a lot easier to catch up and follow up on assignments if we simply focus on one subject per day. Seven days of the week, seven classes. This would give us time to focus on one subject and keep our focus on our work to do the best and give our best effort. Some students are lazily finishing work just to get to the next in time. Next idea I propose is to give us smaller work projects. I won’t be calling out any teacher specifically but we have to read pages and pages of work to then answer questions, other teacher make us watch 40 minutes videos and write reviews, other teachers make us write essays with full paragraphs, other teacher make us write over 20 paragraphs per week worth of work. Now if you tell me, that quite a lot for freshman. Giving us smaller portions at once will keep us on track and won’t stress us out more than we are thanks to the pandemic. 

     I, Camila Gonzalez, am speaking for many of the students affected by this concern. Some of our sources are students. “Teachers shouldnt pile work on us that we havent learned or don't understand.”- Aaliyah Chavez, "This is just too much, we don't have all the time in the world to focus on just school work we need time and less stress." -Gabriela Pineda, "Teachers need to understand students have other tasks besides school.” -Yvette Martinez, “Teachers need to understand that they are not the only ones giving us assignments, we have seven clases and our parents also make us do tasks.”- Maria Monge, ”Our family is more important than school work , we should be spending time with loved ones other than focus on school work.” - Genesis Azamar, “Most students already have to deal with their own issues at home why give them more to worry about” - Adrian Gutierrez , “Teachers should not expect complete perfection from every student, they don’t realize the struggles and stress they are causing their students. Instead of helping them they are mentally hurting them.”- Camily Martinez, “We shouldn’t be given work back to back that we don’t even understand. The result is just students failing and all of this for what? Just more stress.” -Genesis Mendoza, “It isn’t just the students that are stressing out here it is also our parents and we have to help them too. We all need to be there for each other during a hard time like this. Even people from our school have families that need to take care of too. They can’t be focused so much on school anymore. They have to focus and worry about their families. That is why we shouldn’t be given so much school work it is not helping the students nor our teachers/administrators at the school. “ -Sashenka Cantellano, and "We understand teachers are still required to do their jobs, but when we were forced to stop coming to school, that gave a lot of us a second or even third job. Onto of keeping up with regular work we now have to watch our siblings, work to provide for our families, and complete chores. It would be appreciated if the work load wasnt so lucrative and teachers could slow down. Thank you." Seth Wilber. Please take our concerns into consideration.