Do not overcharge DTU students during a pandemic

Do not overcharge DTU students during a pandemic

6 August 2020
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Delhi Technological University Administration (Vice Chancellor)
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Why this petition matters

Started by All India IT and ITES Employees' Union

On 30th July, the DTU administration released a notice to its students that was dated 24th July. This notice demanded payment of annual fees for the year 2020-21 by 5th August. The fee amount was Rs. 1,90,000. Students were asked to pay not only the full tuition fees, but also non-tuition fees for facilities they did not and cannot use during this pandemic. This includes fees relating to co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities, annual gatherings, seminars, campus maintenance, etc. The non-tuition component of the annual fees amounts to Rs. 75,500. The tuition fees themselves have increased by 15% since last year. 

The students were asked to pay the fees by 5th August 2020 - a notice of only 5 days. This period also included public and bank holidays. 

We condemn:

  • The fact that students are being charged an increased fee during a pandemic year. With the loss of jobs, salaries, and lives, fees should have been reduced.
  • The fact that students are being made to pay non-tuition fees when they cannot use the facilities that these fees pay for.
  • The inhumane deadline given to students to pay such a large amount, with penalties for late payment around Rs. 2000 for one week, Rs. 5000 for two weeks and Rs. 10,000 for three weeks.

As a union concerned about the welfare of prospective technology workers and employees in India, we demand:

  • A reduction in the tuition fees keeping in mind the economic slowdown and job losses
  • Scrapping of the non-tuition component of fees for students
  • An extension in the deadline for fee payment
  • A provision of multiple installments for fee payment
  • No reduction in pay for, or retrenchment of, university staff

DTU students will be a valuable addition to the workforce when they graduate. As a union for technology workers, we want to ensure that no financial barrier stops students of technology from realising their potential.

We understand that it is a challenge to maintain an educational institution during these times. However, the students or university workers/staff should not be punished for the difficult situation the country finds itself in now. The DTU administration should approach the government to fill any gaps in funding. Students, staff and their families should not be made to take this burden on themselves.

All India IT and ITeS Employees' Union

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Signatures: 170Next Goal: 200
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