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Getting the delhi government to spray water to reduce smog

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We have been waking up in this deadly severe smog from past one year and there hasn't been any action or strict laws to stop it. No remedies are drawn. A million people in Delhi have been suffering, no IAS to the rescue. Where are the scientists and politicians now? Their work isn't just to announce the health emergency and just close the primary schools. There are children in secondary schools too and so many people going out to colleges and work in this deadly nightmare suffering from unrepairable damage. The work isn't to monitor just the air pollution levels but other things too. In china whenever air pollution hits the cities the large water sprayers are established and the artificial rain is sprayed in air to bring down the pollutants to the ground. These remedies can at least be worked upon. 

Few simple steps can be taken to reduce this deadly smog:

Artifical water sprayers

Encouraging the closing of schools, colleges and companies to reduce energy levels and pollutants since the severe levels do not just harm children. 

Ban the cigarettes completely for at least a week, encouraging people to not smoke. Ban the burning in open areas.

Odd-even scheme implementation. 


All the education and environmental science that is taught in colleges is useless if we can't save our own city. And politicians are  requested that they need to hurry up because unlike a century ago in England, this was considered as act of God and around 12000 people died due to smog and 5000 suffered serious illness. This isn't an act of God but a major consequence of utterly stupid implementation of environmental laws. 

So I sincerely request to each one of you to sign this petition and get the government taking a serious action against it and do your bits too. 


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