Release Meeran Haider unconditionally

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Meeran Haider, a Ph.D. scholar at Jamia Millia Islamia, a member of Jamia Coordination Committee and President of the youth wing of RJD, was arrested on bogus charges and flimsy grounds on April 01, 2020. He was denied bail on Monday i.e. 07/04/2020 and sent to police remand again till the 15th of April 2020. The FIR on the basis of which Meeran was arrested is far-fetched, that is by the false allegation of his connection with Delhi violence.

Meeran Haider has been a big critic of this government since its first tenure in 2014 and has been part of various protest programs, campaigns to educate people about fake news, protests against mob lynching, the campaign against New Education Policy, etc. He was at the forefront of the Anti-CAA movements in Jamia and across Delhi. He was arrested in a speedy process that took place under the cover of the COVID-19 lockdown when the entire nation is staying inside their homes due to the perils of getting infected.

The Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC), a group comprising students and alumni from the varsity, had already condemned the arrest and demanded his immediate release. It is very evident that the state machinery is still busy with harassing and framing student activists in false cases to suppress the voices of dissent while the country is facing a massive health crisis. The arrest of Meeran was also a part of this harassment and witch-hunt of the activists and student leaders who are raising their voices against the policies of the current regime. 

If the Delhi Police and Union government is sincere in finding the real culprits behind the Delhi violence, we demand an immediate arrest and investigation on BJP leader Kapil Mishra who is still roaming free after his outrageous speech which incited the pogrom. Meanwhile, the state machinery is only harassing the activists like Meeran Haider who stretched themselves thin on the ground to stop the violence and demanding justice for the victims. 

The attempt to implicate Meeran Haider in false cases related to Delhi violence is also an act of dishonoring the memories of the violence unleashed in Muslim dominated localities of north-east Delhi. The Delhi Police who stood as mute spectators, as well as the participators of the attack, are now weaving fictitious narratives on Delhi Pogrom targeting Muslim student activists. We urge the state machinery including police officials to stop this cowardly act of abusing the COVID-19 lockdown to silence and arrest those who oppose government policies. We also demand the immediate and unconditional release of brother Meeran Haider, who is haunted by the State with ridiculous false allegations.