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Senior Citizens right on their own property against Children including Daughter in Laws

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Context: My parents, who are senior citizens, father - Shri. Madan Mohan Banga (small confectionary shop owner) and mother - Smt. Meena Banga (house wife) residents of AC-167/D, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi - 110088 have been thrown out of their earned house and are going through a mess by living in others accommodation and in Ashram even though they have a house of their own at this age.  

Actually, my youngest brother Rachit Banga & J S (lawyer) daughter of Smt. R B (Sub Inspector Delhi Police) married in July 2015 without the knowledge of my parents in front of the court by the wishes of Smt. R B mother of J S. They, again got married in front of my parents in December 2016 but all this while she stayed in her mother's home only even after her marriage in December 2016. My brother had got a job in Malaysia and she directly flew from her parental home to Malaysia.

Smt. R B then visited Malaysia and planned something with her daugher to come back and capture my parents home. She brought her daughter back with her and then J S forced by brother to come back by sending him pics of suicide. All this while J S stayed with Mrs. R B and not my parents house. She came to my parents house with a plan to trap everyone however due to marriage function all my family went out and only my father and Rachit were at home. She made noise in the night and her mother and family were waiting for her to do so. My father called 100 - Police helpline number and they were taken to the police station. There J S agreed to go back to Malaysia.

She went back and their family apologized to my father for this. But due to this incident my father disowned Rachit and J S through court and newspaper around 14th March 2017. After a few days, Rachit and J S went back to Malaysia. During all this time J S had stayed at my parents house only for about 2-3 night at the maximum as she mostly stayed with her mother. 

Suddenly on 11th April evening, Smt. R B came with 10 people and few people in police uniform and started making noise below my parents house and creating a ruckus. My parents were not at home and my neighbor sent them back to not create unnecessary mess. My parents came to know this and they lodged a complaint in women commission on 12th April 2016. After they left for a family marriage in Haridwar and came back on 18th April. 

In the mean while, J S returned on 15th or 16th April 2017, when my parents had gone to attend a wedding near Haridwar. She knew the family was not at home as she visited the neighbors and Ashram a few times to find where about of my parents. With wrong intent, J S broke into my parents house on 17th April 2017 in dark between 3-5 a.m. where she got a police men with her and key maker with her while her mother kept sitting below my parents house in PCR. Since it was still night and people were sleeping the noise of key making reached my neighbors and when he tried to object, she used the police influence and said, "I am daughter in law of this house. My neighbor also said which nice family's daughter would do this kind of a thing at 3-4 in the night, why can't you come in the day. She still went ahead and broke into my parents house. The police men on objection by my neighbor said that her mother who is a SI is sitting in the PCR and I am just a constable and fulfilling the orders. 

The point to note here is that Smt. R B mis-used her powers of being a SI in Delhi Police to get a PCR and police person to break into my parents home. Now, J S is claiming that she had keys and she entered the house and my parents renter's let them in. This is absolutely false. The students were staying on rent at my parents home did not had keys to our home, they only had keys to a separate section built on the top of my parents house. In fact, when those students tried to refuse them, J S & Smt R B took them to police station and J S claimed that they misbehaved with her. They had to sit in Shalimar Bagh police station before they were let go. Those students in fear left my parents home.

My parents returned from Haridwar on 18th April and since then my parents are living on mercy of friends and Ashram and have taken multiple steps to see if they can go back to their home. They have lodged complaints with Commissioner of Police, DCP, SHO Shalimar Bagh etc. Also, they have filed a case in Senior Citizen Cell and Criminal Case against Smt. R B for mis-using her powers etc. 

My parents are afraid of going to their home as Smt. R B and J S are waiting for an opportunity to trap my parents on serious charges of sexual abuse etc. Mrs. R B and J S have a history of blaming everyone who do not agree to them the way they did against the students on rent. They have done this with a lot of people and people are afraid to say anything to them and since she travels in police uniform and brings people in police uniform people are anyways afraid. 

It has been nearly 2 months and my parents have lost all communication channels as home is big communication channel where all government papers, bills, house tax, bank statements, credit cards etc. arrive. Thus, the problem is much bigger than just my parents house being captured for the time being.

We fear the risk to identity theft of not only my parents and all of their children as some of our id’s, bank account addresses etc. are still at that address. In this scenario, we are afraid that our identities can be mis-used for multiple reasons, she can take loans on that property showing it is her's, do frauds with people, borrow money on that address and what not and I am sure they can easily do this as they are surely not afraid of the law as they think it is in their hands and are using their position and influence everywhere.

Action where help is needed: I am not asking much. All, I request at this time is to please lock and seal my parents house so that my parents and all of us get protected from various identity and loan burdens, till the time court takes a decision. Since, the court procedures are long and can take from 6 months to few years for decisions to come. During this time we are at great risk.

Thank you very much for reading this, really appreciate your taking the time to go through this pain with us. Please help by signing this petition so that my parents request can be heard.


If you need more details, please feel free to write to me and I can share the details.

Thanks & Regards,

Lokesh Banga


S/o Sh. Madan Mohan Banga

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