Justice for the students in JNU against the inhuman attack by masked goons.

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The attack on JNU students is terrifying and blood cuddling. As the citizens, merely sympathazing would not help.Lets take some steps for a concrete action.

On 5 January around 6 pm, masked mobs allegedly comprising ABVP members from inside and outside the university entered campus with sticks, stones, rods and hammers.

They vandalised hostels, beat students and teachers. Lounge spoke to the inmates of Sabarmati hostel, which was attacked thrice that day.

Sabarmati Hostel with 400 students residing in it, was reported to have faced the worst attack. Two students of the hostel jumped from their rooms on the first floor in an attempt to escape the attackers. They fractured their legs in the jump. The hostel was badly damaged in the attack. Every floor in the hostel had shattered glass, broken doors, windows and furniture.

The assault left more than 39 students and teachers injured.When an ambulance arrived at 9 pm, carrying two doctors and two volunteers to attend to the victims, the mob surrounded the ambulance with rods and sticks, and prevented the doctors from assisting the injured. The attackers also broke the windows and punctured the tires of the ambulance attending to the victims and injured a volunteer. "There was no need to provide medical assistance to any one on the campus", said the attackers.

Street lights were shut off by the authorities during the incident. The mob roamed around the campus freely without any police intervention.Students of the campus alleged the police of intentional inaction..  The videos of the incident showed, students were beaten by the attackers, while the police officers were seen doing nothing.While the students escaped from the gate, the Police police officers asked them to shout "Hail Mother India." The students accused the police of intentional inaction and being complicit with the attackers.

The mob assaulted journalists and social activist, Yogendra Yadav who attempted to enter the campus on receiving news of the incident. JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh was also pictured bleeding due to the injuries sustained in the violence.Cars were completely vandalized as well as some hostel rooms in Mahi Mandavi, Sabarmati and Periyar hostel.The School of Social Sciences was also affected.The crowd of attackers were seen in videos walking around the campus with sticks.

After vandalizing the campus for around three hours, the mob went out without facing arrests or detentions by the police.The police said they received 50 SOS calls between 4 to 5. However they were only given written permission to enter the campus at 7:45pm.

What happened in JNU questions the very pillar of security and admistration of our country. It is in these trying periods that we should join hands against people who escape law with their illogical fallacy, attack innocents and then play the victim.