Help 3y old Aarshiya escape an abusive & mentally sick environment for a better childhood!

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Trauma passes on into generations unless someone is ready to heal it. Born to a mother who was raised in a mentally-sick family, I went against the norms and warnings to get married and raise a family of my own. It is true marriages need more work once we take that step towards this ‘final destination’ of growing old together through thick and thin. Like any other individual, my wife and I promised to fight our demons and continue to walk the road till the very end.

With immense hope, our daughter Aarshiya was born, three years ago, and the fabric of sanity crumpled like a pack of cards. She was subjected to being repeatedly beaten by her mother while I was at work, left to cry for hours stating that an infant had to soothe herself to sleep, and limiting her food options to only what was cooked in the day. And the discomfort creeped into the crevices of our marriage in no time. My wife was definitely not herself anymore and even under doctor’s consultation, she never took her medicines seriously. She hallucinated about her life, my life and created stories . All was absorbed with a smile, until severe OCD and OCPD was diagnosed clinically in her. I battled hope and tears in the darkness and spent far less time at work and planned travels together so that she could break away from the monotony of a routine life. 2019 came as a rude shock when my wife returned to her mentally & physically sick mother with Aarshiya and filed false complaints with an intention to harass me & my family. And this was truly the last turn on the screw.

I write to you all with a heavy heart and urge you to help me win this fight for a better life for my daughter. While divorce has been filed in court and this battle will take its own time, I have been left emotionally exhausted.

All doors to communicate with my daughter have been closed and the last time I wished Aarshiya on her birthday, we ended up crying. I still remember her saying, “Papa, I want to come to you”. And in last 6 months, I was unblocked only when she saw some ray of hope to receive a huge amount of money as per her demand to settle all the cases. 

I attended  every mediation session as summoned in Delhi, travelled from bangalore ignoring all the other pain hoping to see my daughter, hoping to come to a middle ground to have free access to my daughter and they denied all.

Every story that is not told eats away at us and this one needs to be told. The law supports girl-child custody with the mother, and if that happens, that three-year old will be abused more behind the closed doors.

I don't know what the little one going through these days. All I see is my 60 years old mother & 70 years old father crying everyday with her memories and I see myself breaking everyday and losing hope. 

I seek your help in re-writing history and restore what fathers like me face on the brink of a collapsing marriage. I seek your help so that I can provide Aarshiya a much better life. And I think, she deserves it. She shouldn't face this brunt because of such unthought through misuse of women-friendly laws which my wife & her family are taking advantage of.

This is an appeal to help Aarshiya. She must be terrified of her current oppressive situation at her grandparent’s place and I know she will be terrified to know the reasons behind the same. And I also fear of poisoning a little heart just to satisfy evil egos of few so called matured brains.

Please Sign the petition and support me in this endeavour of getting my daughter back to a cheerful life!