Declaring Gazetted Holiday by Govt on martyrdom day of Guru Tegh Bhadurji on 23 Nov yearly

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Sri Guru Tegh Bhadurji(Ninth Guru of Sikhs) sacrificied HIS life not for Hindu Religion but for humanity as a whole. Without HIS sacrifices, this "Hindustan" -India , would not have been called "Hindustan". Aurangzeb, one of the cruelest ruler in history was forcibly converting all Hindus to Muslims, and finally Kashmiri Pandits came to HIM for saving their religion. Aurangzeb was so hungry for power that he put his father behind bars and killed his brother and became ruler. It was Guru Tegh Bhadurji who stopped Aurangzeb and did not allow him to succeed in his illwill. Guruji was Beheaded by Aurangzeb and Gurdwara Sis Ganj in Channi Chowk , Delhi is live example of HIS sacrifices. Then HIS son Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Tenth Guru of Sikh), a saint soldier took charge , and saved saved Hindus and Humanity by forming Sikh religion (called sikhs, the warriors) who believe in one concept I.e. "Recognizing Human Race as One". Even, Two elder sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji i.e. Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji (18 yrs) and Jhujhar Singh (14 yrs)fought battle of Chamkaur Sahib in Punjab and History know that they along with 36 other Sikhs (total 40 Sikhs) defeated 1.5 lakh Mughal army and finally these Sikhs died by making history of defeating 1.5 lakh army which is why Guru Gobind Singh said, Sava Lakh se Aik ladao , tabhi Gobind Singh Nam kahao.... One the other hand , two other Sahibzade(sons)  of Guru Gobind Singh Ji namely Sahib Zoravar Singh Ji (9 yrs) and Fathey  Singh Ji(6yrs)  were bricked alive by mughals when they refused to change their religion. It was Grand mother 's (Mata Gujriji) of these Two Sahibzade teachings that helped Sahibzades becoming bold and tough, finally they also lost their lives for saving humanity. Finally, Aurangzeb was defeated by Guru Gobind Singh Ji morally and physically and when he requested Guru Gobind Singh Ji to meet him and forgive him for his inhumane approach, Guruji turned down his request since it was the cruelty of Aurangzeb against humanity , that refrained Guruji concurring his request of meeting him. Sikh Religion has made so many sacrifices , but Sikh Gurus have not got recognition for their sacrifices and now it is duty of each and every Sikh to take up issue with both central and delhi Govt. to give honour to sacrifices of Guru Tegh Bhadurji , ninth Guru of Sikhs, by declaring Gazetted holiday by both Delhi & Central Govt. on HIS martyrdom day (23 November) every year....If somebody saves someone's life, he or she whose life got saved , remain grateful for ever who saved his or life, and Sikh Gurus by sacrificing their lives along with their Family members saved Hindu religion and Humanity as a whole ,  and  surprisingly and shocking that no 'Recognition" given to them , this is really put question mark on functioning of Govt. Hope , after filing this petition, both Union Govt of India and Delhi Govt will provide recognition to sacrifices of Guru Tegh Bhadurji by declaring Gazetted holiday on HIS Martyrdom day on 23 November every year. May Waheguru(Almighty)  bless you all.