Strict Curfew in Delhi and revamp of medical facilities. Save Delhi

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We have started this petition after seeing someone close to us losing life due to the selfishness of Hospitals and incompetence of the Government. We ran a poll on one of our community platform in which more than 90% of people voted that a strict Lock-down is required in Delhi to control the situation.

With the number of Total COVID Cases in Delhi crossing 36,800 on 12th June 2020. It is high time that a complete and stricter lock-down be imposed again in Delhi until the situation comes under control. With more than 2,000 new cases on 12th June alone, Delhi is becoming Death Capital of COVID and its spread.

Even though not many are ready to accept, it is evident from the growing number of Corona cases in Delhi, that the city has entered into Community Transmission.

By not capitalizing on the first 3 phases of Lock-down by improving the healthcare facilities, the city is slowly and gradually moving towards its doom when it eased all activities and movement across the city.

The need of the hour is a strict Government imposed Lock-down in the city and if required a CURFEW. Jaan hai to Jahan hai! And this time Government should devise proper policies for the COVID Treating Hospitals and for the ease in commercial activities once the Lock-Down is lifted. Delhi of all places is not ready for the Unlock at this stage. During this time, the pressure on Hospitals and mortuary will ease and the Government can make necessary arrangements for the COVID-beds in the city.

We can't see our near and dear ones dying suffering because the hospitals are capitalizing on Crisis and the efforts of Government are falling short.

If you believe the same, sign these petitions and help us raise our voice to the Government so that necessary action can be taken.