Request from Govt to create flyover/bypass from Maharani Bagh ashram to Badarpur

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The ever growing traffic in Delhi is very frustrating and time consuming is faced by every other citizen of Delhi NCR. There is only one short route from Badarpur to Maharani Bagh ashram, which is always jam packed with vehicles. Specially in the morning and evening hours. As a result of it, commuters have to face time wastage everyday while traveling. The route is 15 km long which usually takes 30 minutes to complete gets converted into a 1 hour distance, sometimes 1.5 hours, sometimes more during traffic. The severity of this problem cannot be fathomed during the summers in the scorching heat of 45 degrees.

Has there been any alternative route, then people would have felt some kind of relief.

Its a Request from government on behalf of all the citizens who commute via this route on a daily basis, please construct a flyover/bypass so that people's time could be saved while traveling and make their lives easier.