No Rent For Students

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This lockdown situation has affected each and everyone whether he is rich or poor. All the government, agencies are working restlessly to help each sector but there is no update regarding the rents for the students or workers who came from outside in Delhi. After the lockdown announced, Central Government asked everyone not to take rent for a period of one month but after that Delhi government told Delhi people to postpone the rents instead. Which is why now the landlord are asking for rents. Some of them are not even cooperating to postpone it for a period of one month. In this situation it has become very difficult for the poor people and also for them whose buisness got shut down and has no source of earning.

When i talked to my landlord, he refused to give me any relaxation in rent so i told him that I'll evacuate the place as soon as possible, then he told me that he'll charge me  it untill I handover the keys to him knowing that I can't do so till lockdown ends and at the end I have to pay him the whole rent which is near to impossible for me as well as for many others. So I want to ask that what is the impact of the order of Central Government? This is not only story, there are number of such kind of stories. Students are trying every possible way to reach out to the government but still there is no response.

At this time the only solution for this is that every state government should come forward and tell the landlord that no rent will be taken till the lockdown. This is to be stated clearly otherwise these landlords will keep using the loopholes and the problem will remain unsolved.