Healthy air is our birth right. Fight against air pollution in Delhi.

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Delhi is suffering from high level of air pollution. We are breathing slow poisson everyday. Its now almost 2 years and government is still doing nothing to overcome this problem. We are waiting for what?.. death of hundreds of innocent people. We have to fight against pollution right now for ourselves & our upcoming generation.

We need solution of this problem. We want Delhi government to take following actions :

  • Stop farmers from Haryana & Punjab from stubble burning. Delhi Government have talk with Punjab & Haryana Government.
  • Take appropriate steps to complete remaining work of metro phase 3. So that people have better option for traveling.
  • Take appropriate steps to complete remaining work of eastern peripheral expressway by January end. So that pollution by diesel trucks can be minimised.
  • Shut down Badarpur thermal power plant permanently. It generates electricity very inefficiently that too using coal. 
  • Put heavy penalty for open burning in delhi, one of the main reasons for rise in PM 2.5 particles in air.
  • Make strict rules to control pollution due to construction works
  • Impose penalties on vechiles older than 15 years
  • Spend more on public transport on urgent basis and make public transport a better option of people

Any other suggestions are invited to this petition. Sign this petition for better future of Delhi.

Jai hind Jai Bharat