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Build Dwarka Expressway

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Around 750 politically backed residents of Palam Vihar are holding to ransom over 200,000 Dwarka Expressway apartment owners.  The expressway was supposed to have been completed by 2010/2011 however construction has stalled because of all familiar litigation.  

Over 200,000 prospective residents cannot move into their new homes because 750 residents do not want a highway to be built through their mohalla.  These residents, backed by a local politician, have used all tools possible including intimidation of HUDA officials to stall construction.  This small group have been very effective in achieving their goals. The Dwarka Expressway residents on the other hand, who as a group are far worse off than the Palam Vihar residents, have no choice but to see the value of their homes wither away.  The Palam Vihar residents have received offers of compensation from the government which they have refused to accept.  Who is going to compensate Dwarka Expressway home buyers who are helplessly watching the value of their homes reach distress levels?

There has been practically no progress on construction of the expressway in the last 5 years.  This is how the Palam Vihar residents wanted it.  Unless residents of dwarka expressway do not rise up and become a force in themselves, I do not see this situation changing for the next 5 years. Not for the next 10 years.

Are there examples of such failed townships around the country? Of course there are.  I for one have stopped believing the rhetoric from the marketing departments of builders that a court ruling and completion of the Dwarka Expressway is around the corner.

50,000 crores of investment in flats (assuming average of 1 crore per flat) is in jeopardy because 750 residents are unwilling to accept compensation from the government, so that a road can be built through their mohalla for the greater good of the community.  Is this justice? I do not think so and I trust our courts not to think so as well.  What I am very unsure about is whether our legal system will deliver justice in time.  They certainly do not have the track record.

Slow justice takes a huge toll on the economy. It will take a huge toll on the value of our homes.  Most importantly, it takes a huge toll on the happiness of our families, the future of our children and grandchildren. 

The current “fight” is between 750 politically backed versus hapless HUDA government employees.    If we want any hope of change, it is imperative that this narrative changes.  It needs to be interests of 750 Palam Vihar residents versus the interests of the larger community i.e. 200,000 Dwarka Expressway residents. 

The courts, politicians and other key stakeholders need to be made aware of the plight of dwarka expressway apartment owners.  Their actions and decisions need to be taken keeping in mind the entire 200,000 residents and not just a few 100 residents in Palam Vihar.

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