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Too many children are being brutally murdered and abused by people with severe criminal records invited into the home.

We propose that it become a crime when a felon with the following criminal characteristics and history be allowed by a parent or guardian, to stay overnight with children or be left alone with them for any amount of time.

We propose that in the event of being charged with this crime, the parent relinquish custody of the child to the other parent, grandparents,or close relatives - in that order.  Long time family friends may be considered.  Foster care is the absolute last resort.

These parents can regain cautionary custody when other guardians or close family of the child are convinced that it is safe.

We propose it be considered a Class 5 felony, for a person responsible for a child to house a person with the child, with the following characteristics:

- History of "Family Abuse" as defined by Virginia Code § 16.1-228 

- History of sexual abuse

- Current illegal drug use

- Recent significant illegal drug use

- Selling or manufacturing drugs

- Repeat offenders with 2 or more subsequent felonies

- Convicts released from a correctional facility within one year prior

- Known gang affiliation

- Or other crimes agreed upon by child welfare advocates

Let's protect children NOW!

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