Pass H.B 283, good for Delaware tax payers, good for Delaware tradesman

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Pass H.B 283, good for Delaware tax payers, good for Delaware tradesman

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The ABC, and Non-Union trade shops are telling their employees this bill will equal too less work for them, and telling the tax payers this bill will increase cost. These are just outright lies, state projects are paid for by Delaware citizens thus, citizens of the state should man these projects. Some of the issues Delaware skilled tradesman are facing are certain trades/companies exploit the employment of illegal citizens, and employee them at a much lower pay grade, undermining everyone. There is a strong potential these individuals may not know the pay scales, or the rules of prevailing wage. Some of these companies do not properly train their employees through state approved apprenticeship programs. Some of these companies do not put their employees through proper safety training. The ABC recently challenged the apprenticeship rules, and said they were unfair??? Unfair to put skilled, educated and trained people on jobs?? That's outrageous!!! Another issue is, far to often out of state companies come in and are awarded projects that recieve state funding and grants which is fine, but the problem is a lot of time these companies bring in out of state workers to do the jobs. This is completely unfair to the tax payers and skilled workers, union and non-Union who could use the employment and the work!! This bill will also ensures that our veterans are being put to work as well. They stuck their necks out for us, we can stick our necks out for them!!! When Amazon in middle town was built the contract was awarded to a company from down south, did the ABC make a fuss and make an effort to make sure Delaware skilled workers manned the job??? No!!! The Delaware building trades did. The Delaware Building Trades helped instate a skilled worker license program, requiring any in state work private or public to be done with skilled tradesman, who were issued a Delaware professional licenses. As a result in state non Union workers were sub contracted to finish the project. These licenses are obtained by providing the Delaware Department of labor and professional Regulations board proof of training and education in a field of work. This license has to be re-newed annually, again providing proof you have recieve 10 hours of continued education in the field. The ABC faught that bill/requirement as well. That requirement was a good step to ensure work in the state of Delaware was done by Delaware state tradesman. The more in state tradesman that are working, the lower the unemployment rate, with a lower unemployment rate the better Delawares economy becomes. Unfortunately that bill wasn't enough we are still having issues with out of state tradesman coming in, and taking the work from our own skilled tradesman who would like to man these jobs. A good example is the new 301 bypass, an almost billion dollar state tax funded project, with a lot of jersey and Maryland tags on the vehicles entering and leaving the project, which equates to "out of state workers". This is unfair to Delaware tax payers and Delaware workers!! The ABC has constantly failed to look out for the interest of state residents and workers and needs to step up their game!!! Delaware building trades has. No where in this bill does it bar non-Union employers, or employees from getting the work, it just requires that a certain percentage of the workforce be manned by Delaware residents and skilled tradesman. H.B 283 requires contractors to follow the apprenticeship rules and ratios. H.B 283 will allow oversite that the prevailing wage pay scales are being followed by the contractors. H.B 283 also requires a percentage of the workforce will be manned by our military veterans on these state funded projects as well. H.B 283 (unlike the lies that the Delaware ABC are spreading) will require state funded jobs to be done on time and on budget!!! This bill will allow oversite to ensure the rules are being followed, bottom line! The text of the bill can easily be found, and can be read by anyone. No where in this bill does it bar non-Union workers or employers from this work. Please sign your name as a tax payer of the state to support your tax dollars employing fellow in state tax paying and skilled tradesman!!

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