Justice for Amy

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On April 21st 2016 Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was taken from the world by Trinity Carr; her cause of death? Beat to death in the safety of her school. She came to school to receive her education, and was assaulted until death. Personally I hate the use the word fight, once somebody has lost the ability to fight back it becomes murder, and that is exactly what I perceive it to be, murder. Yet, for some reason Trinity Carr only received probation, and then in a later hearing the charges were overturned. Amy was a kind-hearted, loving and beautiful young girl with potential to make great changes not only to this country, but to the world. She deserved a chance to live out her life, and grow into adulthood, and was taken from us too early. We want the Delaware legal system to proceed in convicting and punishing Trinity for what she did, not give her the ability to walk through life as though it didn't happen.