Paint the Walt Whitman Bridge Rainbow

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Over 1,000 Signatures – Now Here's 16 Local LGBTQ Organizations You Can Support Right Now!

I think it might be an understatement to say that as one of this petition's creators, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of support and attention this petition has received in only its first few days. Thank you, we now have well over 1,000 signatures! 

Whatever the fate of our petition or any possible version of painting (or lighting) the Walt Whitman Bridge that might come from it, this would be a years-long process. While we have the imaginations of so many, however, I'm hoping to leverage the attention that we have earned to create some more immediate good! 

Please read the article attached, and consider donating or volunteering whatever time or money you have to these 16 local organizations and nonprofits that work daily to support Philly's LGBTQ communities, including those that are most vulnerable.

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Walt Whitman
2 years ago