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Second Chance/Amisty

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Petition for: Jamel Daniels (My son, inmate) 



For the governor of Delaware, and many other states to start granting parole and commutations for men and women that have life and life without parole (LWOP) who's qualified for release through approval of the commutation board. 

The many statistics show that the recidivism rate of lifer's that is less than 19 and none for another first degree murder. Why? Perhaps, after the service of 25 years or more in prison 984 of lifer's have had time to rethink what they have done, how their crimes affected the lives of their victim families and their own families.

Nationwide Criminal Justice Research and Professional Studies show benefits to law enforcement, taxpayers, corrections, the state of public safety, by keeping public offender's, boys and girls, men and women in prison for 30 to 55 years. Some, came to prison as kids (ages 17-23) grew up to adulthood in prison. They have been given no reasons why a second chance has been denied them, by our parole and commutation boards. Instead, our parole and commutation tells both parolable lifer's and lifer's without parole options that they have interests in their cases knowing that we taxpayers, pay the board members to have interest in all prisoners and to encourage and facilitate rehabilitation by any means appropriate and necessary to prepare them for reintegration into society. 

2.7 million children has a parent who is incarcerated. Losing a parent to incarceration is similar to them dying, yet you know the way to heaven and how to get to them, hold them and connect with them, but the road is under construction and it will not be finished for years. Living with the pain of knowing that you could have them in your life the way you want. Life in prison does not necessarily mean "life in prison" Govenor John Carney and other state governors, you are that element of hope for many reformed lifer's who have qualified themselves for commutation consideration. We all agree that some punishment is necessary. But governors, when does punishment end? And when does rehabilitation began?


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