The People Demand A Full Investigation Into Patrick Miller!!!!

The People Demand A Full Investigation Into Patrick Miller!!!!

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Started by Kevin Ohlandt

In 2016, Indian River School District Chief Financial Officer Patrick Miller "resigned" from the district following allegations of financial fraud and theft.  He was allowed to collect his state pension.  The Delaware District Attorney's office said there was "insufficient evidence" to launch a full-scale investigation.  Meanwhile, Miller is still the President of the Board at Indian River Volunteer Fire Company.  Allegations against Miller last summer have supposedly been pushed to the side there as well. 

In 2008, then Superintendent of Indian River School District, Dr. Susan Bunting, received knowledge of Miller's actions involving grant funds and nothing was done.  In 2016, Bunting said the district had no idea Miller was abusing taxpayer funds.  Nothing was done when Exceptional Delaware revealed this last summer.  She was appointed by Governor Carney to be the Delaware Secretary of Education less than two months after the Indian River audit investigation came out.

We, the people of Delaware, demand a full investigation and accounting for every single penny touched by Patrick Miller in both the Indian River School District and the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company.  We demand to know who knew what and when.  We demand accountability for Miller and those who sought to protect him.  We demand our Governor and incoming Delaware Attorney General, Kathleen Jennings, make sure the laws of Delaware concerning white-collar crime, are followed to the letter of the law.  We demand charges be placed against Miller for his crimes.  We demand to know why the Attorney General's office delayed the release of the Indian River audit investigation final report for two and a half months back in 2016.  We demand to know which district administrators and school board members knew about Miller's actions long before the district reported Miller to the Auditor of Accounts office.

Since the State of Delaware has failed in every possible way to initiate action against Miller, it is incumbent on the people of Delaware to force them to.  We don't protect those who would steal taxpayer funds earmarked for the benefit of children but that is exactly what our state would have us think as people like Miller and the administrators at Sussex Tech walk around free as a bird.  By failing to take action, those in power in Delaware are telling citizens white-collar crime is okay.  By protecting those who cover it up, we are betraying every single thing that is good about The First State.  Enough is enough.

Miller has been doing this the 1990s when he was with the Brandywine School District.  He got off easy with that one and was still allowed to be around taxpayer money.  For two decades, he has been untouchable.  We, the people of Delaware, demand that change immediately!


775 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!