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Don't take doctors away from car accident victims in Delaware!

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In Delaware, people injured in automobile accidents are frequently denied care by doctors and therapists who do not want the headache of dealing with auto insurance. A bill - proposed legislation - will cap or limit what doctors, rehab therapists, and other providers will be paid for treating automobile accident victims. This is an attempt by the insurance industry to save money at the expense of injured people! Sign this petition to let the Delaware Senators and Representatives know that you believe accident victims should have access to their doctors, and that this bill is BAD for Delawareans. 

I'll never be injured in a car accident - why should I care?

Hopefully, you will never be injured in a car accident in the State of Delaware. But statistics tell us that if you drive in Delaware, then you, a family member, or a friend will be injured in a car accident at some point. The question is not whether but when an accident happens, do you want to go to your choice of doctor or not? 

Aren't doctors making a lot of money - why should I care?

No. Maybe a long, long time ago doctors were rolling in dough. These days, the insurance industry has squeezed doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers to the point where they are giving up. A lot of family doctors and other healthcare providers simply refuse to treat people who have been injured in auto accidents. Cutting their reimbursements is going to make things worse for regular people. 

Will signing this petition make any difference at all?

Yes! Sign this petition. Tell your friends that you signed it and that access to quality medical care is an issue you care about. 

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