No price on life. Move all Delco school classes online to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

No price on life. Move all Delco school classes online to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

March 12, 2020
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Delaware County Government
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Why this petition matters

Started by Patrick Conley

As you read this, lives are being knowingly risked by our Educational leaders.

   "Across the state....I'm encouraging that all large gatherings, especially those with more than 250 attendees, to be either canceled or postponed.” -Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania 

Students in:

  • Springfield High School: 1,398
  • ETR: 1,010
  • Scenic Hills: 621
  • Sabold: 625

In every single Springfield school, we are between 2-4 times over the state recommended maximum limit. Each day our students are inside tight, confined spaces constantly in direct contact with eachother.

This is how Pandemics spread

In a pointless display of fatal negligence, Our district administration and school board have chosen to ignore the countless amounts of warnings from both our federal and state government and only take symbolic precautions for preventing the virus. In our High school sinks and hand driers are broken through the school and left unfixed in order to save money. Not even paper towels are being given out instead.

This is how Pandemics spread

Every day a student enters a school in our district, they gamble getting infected with a disease that has, can and will kill parents, siblings, grandparents and more. No one is fully immune.

If we choose to be a district that chooses to be one of reaction rather than precaution, People will risk serious injury or even death.

All we ask is that our if possible our learning be moved to the planned online format immediately in order for our lives to not be risked. If not possible for Elementary and Middle Schools; Then that parents be able to withdraw their children from classes without demerit if they are able to.

Our schools can be converted to emergency quarantine areas, to help those around us getting sicker by the day and as an testing center to prevent the crisis from getting worse.

We don’t want to be the reason anyone has to be hospitalized.

This crisis can be stoped if we take action, but if left unchecked it will spiral out of our control. If you agree that our students, our families lives shouldn’t be risked no matter what, please join our cause.


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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
Support now

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