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David Emerson graduated from Delaware Christian School in 2002, and has moved on to working as a successful radio DJ in the Columbus area.

Just a few months ago, David noticed that he had been deleted from the alumni page of his high school alma mater -- apparently at the direction of the principal, who had noticed on David's Facebook page that he identifies as gay.

While California is passing laws to require that textbooks include LGBT Americans, this school is hoping to erase us. David's a stand-up guy, making a living in radio at a time when that is increasingly difficult. He's a popular local personality and, until the principal stalked him via Facebook, he was featured as an alumnus of the school. Educators should be nurturing their students and their alumni, not harassing them online and removing them from the school's history!

When you add your name, an email will go to the school's main inbox -- making clear how many people are standing up in support of David and all other LGBT alumni of DCS. Sign our petition demanding that David be added back into the school's history!


Letter to
Delaware Christian School Gordon McDonald
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Gordon McDonald.

Don't Erase David!

One of Delaware Christian School's star alumni, David Emerson, has evidently been deleted -- by you -- from the alumni page on the school website. While you have called David "a fine young man" who has accomplished much in his professional career, it seems as though your hatred of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people is so thorough that you have decided to erase him from the school's history.

At a time when young people are struggling with school bullying, harassment, murder, and suicide, it is mind-boggling that you would choose to take such bold action to remove David from the school's history. It is usually the role of an educator to nurture and teach, rather than to harass and invoke fear.

We ask that you add David back to the school's alumni page, and make clear that -- regardless of a student's identity -- Delaware Christian School stands by its students and heralds their professional accomplishments.



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