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Expedite statutory rape charges against Mr.Poole

This petition isn't to sway your opinion one way or another on the innocence of Chadwick Poole. This is for the Del Norte County District Attorney to expedite the charges against Mr.Poole.

In 2007 Alexandra Lane, at 15 years old, got pregnant. She gave birth at 16 years old to a daughter. Alexandra kept it secret who the father to her daughter is until she became of legal age, then confessed that Chadwick Poole, her former boxing coach who is 17 years her senior, is in fact the father to her daughter.

Alexandra was able to obtain a court ordered DNA test with 99.9% accuracy stating that Mr.Poole is the biological father to Alexandra's daughter. With this evidence, Alexandra and her family pursued statutory rape charges against Mr.Poole.

This was well over a year ago. The case is sitting collecting dust. Please sign my petition to have the Del Norte County District Attorney expedite the charges against Mr.Poole!



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