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Marisol--AKA Del Mar Bluff demolition--the "redesign"--same as it ever was...

Carla Hayes
Solana Beach, CA, United States

Aug 5, 2019 — 

Hello everyone who supports preserving Del Mar/Solana Beach greenery in the scenery, Dog Beach, our fast-disappearing beaches and bluffs, and retaining our small beach village cultures. Photo shows Sunday summer traffic 2019. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
On July 22, 2019, Zephyr blew into town with smoke/mirrors designed to get everyone high on hype. The developer and pals presented the long-awaited “redesign” of his resort. The 40% reduction refers to fewer hotel rooms/timeshare units—yet the plan still has same building density.

  • Timeshare condo buildings still 46’ high in the middle of the bluff--called "villas" and "three-story" by developer
  • Underground parking for 400 cars still destabilizing fragile bluff that's already disintegrating without any houses. 
  • Hotel still encroaches on the James C. Scripps Nature Preserve without any permanent barrier between visitors and Preserve, as required by the Del Mar City Council (see Change.Org update “preserving the Preserve.”
  • Traffic still increases by approximately 1,775 car trips/day with year-round visitors.

Marisol, the new name and rebrand—a cleanse for past sins? Or “Marring the Soul of Del Mar”?
“Marisol”—an attempt to blend Del Mar and Solana Beach—or a marketing firm with a vague grasp of Spanish words but not the language--sounds like a cleaning product designed to erase recent memory of re-trades in Cardiff and Solana Beach. To date, Zephyr continues to re-trade all commitments in Cardiff or in Solana Beach—especially “affordable.” Next stop, Del Mar.

Developer marketing cannot think of anything better than drinking while watching the sunset—as if Jakes, Poseidon, Pacific Coast Grill, The Lodge at Torrey Pines, and countless public places had no such opportunities.
Developer’s initiative—rush to public vote March 2020 to skirt Del Mar zoning, design review, City Council
No one has seen accurate site plans, building plans, or representations.  Developers are rushing to March 2020 vote on their ballot initiative, because their purchase options are running out of time. Developer claims he would go through design review mean nothing, because it would be commercial rather than currently zoned residential rules.

Developer initiatives can legally skip the following requirements:
Story poles—if anyone actually saw the 46’ story poles again, everyone would see that the plan is too large, too invasive, and not in keeping with N. Del Mar neighborhoods and beach village community values.
Environmental Impact Report (EIR)—the EIR includes expert, impartial analysis of bluff stability, traffic studies, and Native American heritage on the bluff, site of the Del Mar Man 6,000-year-old skull.
Traffic studies—without an EIR, no experts can publish their opinions based on facts that traffic will increase substantially with 160-190 additional “keys.”
Bluff stability studies—Scripps geologists studying coastal bluffs continue to publish reports that coastal bluffs, especially ones like the Del Mar Dog Beach bluff, have accelerated erosion as sea-levels rise and storm and king-tides intensify.

Zoning protections for all Del Mar residents would vanish if the developer were successful at this initiative, along with dogs on dog beach, volleyball on dog beach, the Scripps Nature Preserve as ancient Torrey pines are uprooted and habitat destroyed, and for what? The developer sings the siren song of riches pouring into Del Mar City coffers due to hotel taxes, based on pixie dust proformas.

If the Del Mar City staff continue to have difficulty balancing budgets with revenues from the second highest property values—and taxes—in the county and a 4,200 population with average incomes over $250,000/year, no homeless, no urban issues, no major crime in a decade--more revenue won't fix anything. It all will go up in smoke.

CALL TO ACTION—AT DEL MAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING August 5—write/speak your mind!
The Del Mar City Council can stop the rush to the polls in March 2020 and demand more time to review all the information required for full public disclosure (see CA statute 9212).


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