Stop the onslaught of auto businesses in our community!

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Jan Costello
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We are trying to attract high-quality businesses and diverse businesses to our community in DeKalb County. Our special overlay district restricts the development of many types of undesirable businesses, but one company is asking for a special land use permit to open an auto repair shop. 

Tycore Auto Services NOT be granted a Special Land Use Permit to do major auto repair at 5361 Covington Highway. Within one mile of this address, there are 19 auto-related businesses. Within three miles, there are 183. Voice your opinion here, and we’ll send the results to our commissioners.

We worked hard to get the Greater Hidden Hills Overlay District zoning code passed in 2011.  Make your voices heard. Show that you support the vision for better use of commercial parcels and for mixed-use development 

Also, to make your voice even louder, write or call:
District 5 Commissioner Mereda Davis-Johnson
404 371-2159

District 7 Commissioner Gregory Adams
404 371-2899