Request DeKalb Schools Superintendent/Board to stay virtual until Covid numbers decrease

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DCSD Superintendent Mrs. Cheryl Watson-Harris and her office have recently changed the requirements for forcing teachers and staff members back into schools at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The numbers of Covid infection have risen to their highest rates yet and continue to do so! ICUs in Hospitals are becoming overwhelmed and the government has even had to open the Georgia World Congress Center up as makeshift overflow area because the hospitals are full! How will forcing teachers, staff, and students into in person learning where they can all become infected or spread the infection to their own families going to help this situation at all?

With a vaccine right around the corner (approx. May 2021) and a possibly even more infectious/dangerous strain of Covid incoming, it does not make sense to now force the teachers and staff members back to in person instruction.

The numbers do not lie! While DCSD had originally said that numbers would have to be below 100 cases per 100,000 in order to return, they have now changed their metric to 10% spread. Even though the current cases are now exceeding 500 per 100,000 with a percentage of 10.3 or greater, DCSD has still not delayed the return even though the numbers are already above their revised number for returning (10%).

Many teachers tend to be in the at risk categories due to age or other health issues. Even many younger teachers either live with or take care of older parents and other relatives that they cannot or will not be able to distance from when they go home.

Many teachers that have children may not be able to find daycare that will allow the child to remain in the day care if one of the parents is constantly at risk for getting Covid.

Many students, especially in the lower income schools/areas, are in a similar situation and live in multi-generational family units where you may have grandparents and other older (more at risk) family members living in the same house as a student.

Mrs. Watson-Harris, please reverse this decision and wait for the numbers of Covid cases to drop to a more reasonable level or wait for the vaccine!

Please stop adding mental anguish and anxiety to teachers, staff, students, and parents that (the majority of which, according to your own surveys) do not support returning until numbers have decreased!