Keep us in Tucker High

Keep us in Tucker High

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Started by Akyra Latimer

My brother Landon and I have been withdrawn from Tucker. We were withdrawn because I was tardy several times to my first period class. Instead of giving me a warning regarding my tardies prior to being kicked out… as other students had been given, and due to another situation that I had sought assistance with from Administration, regarding another class that had become a challenging environment for me, Administration decided they no longer wanted to deal with it. Instead,  as retaliation, and on the same day I sought the assistance, they looked into my attendance and pursued the fact that we weren’t in the district. We are maybe .5 miles or less outside of the district but still zoned within the city of Tucker.

My brother and I have made so many friends at Tucker. He’s in 9th and I’m in 11th but he’s been here since 6th and I’ve been here since 8th. They decided to withdraw us with 3 months left in the school year and in the middle of the week. We live 10 minutes away from the school. That’s closer than a lot of students that go there now. The thing is, our area is boxed off,  even though we are within the city of Tucker.  That box is required to go to Stone Mountain High. Which is a school in the district that I previously attended for a year in Middle School. At this school, in this district, I had to be concerned daily with my mental stability and my physical safety.

I love Tucker High school, I love the teachers, I love my friends and I am so comfortable at this school. My mom, dad and the current principal have graduated from here and I want to graduate from Tucker as well. 

Currently, school choice has become an issue for many students having to deal with being in school districts that are not conducive to proper learning or a supportive environment. The boundary process is currently under appeal in the state legislature.

Please sign my petition and let’s invoke this change for the better for all students and #KeepUsInTuckerHigh

265 have signed. Let’s get to 500!