Say "NO" to the City of Decatur annexing Dekalb County Commercial properties

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RED ALERT! Meeting at Capitol this Thursday!!!

This meeting was just announced Monday. Please email the senators at the bottom that you are against the annexation and spread the word about the petition to your neighbors and friends who live in Dekalb County. The announcement below, from Senator Gloria Butler, is for a Thursday meeting of the DeKalb Senate delegation, which seems to be scheduled to discuss Decatur's unreasonable annexation plans, among other items. If the annexation proposal passes here, it's probably a done deal. It would be great if folks for Medlock and other areas could attend and remind the senators of our stand. Please try to attend if you can. February 1, 2016 To: Members of the DeKalb County Delegation Sen. Gail Davenport, 44th Sen. Elena Parent, 42nd Sen. Fran Millar, 40th Sen. Emanuel Jones, 10th Sen. Steve Henson, 41st Sen. JaNice VanNess, 43rd From: Senator Gloria Butler, 55th, Chair ______________________________________________________________________________ Date: February 4, 2016 Time: 1:00 PM Place: 125 CAP ______________________________________________________________________________ AGENDA: -Homestead Exemptions for Seniors -City of Decatur & City Schools of Decatur Homestead Exemptions -DeKalb County Charter Review Commission -HB 663 Rep. Drenner, Karla, 85th To provide a new charter for the City of Decatur, to change the corporate limits of the city. -DeKalb County Legislative Agenda *The Chairwoman reserves the right to change the agenda at her discretion at any time. Copy to: The Honorable Casey Cagle, Lieutenant Governor The Honorable David Shafer, President Pro Tem Mr. David Cook, Secretary of Senate Mr. Wane Allen, Legislative Council Senate Press Office Senate Research Office

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6 years ago