Stop Wage Theft, Harassment, Discrimination, Coercion and Sexual Assault in Strip Clubs

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Strippers are employees now in California thanks to current state and federal legislation (Dynamex and AB5) but strip clubs owners are pushing back by making us pay our own wages in addition to illegal fees & fines, stage fees, mandatory tip outs and other types of extortion. California strip club owners are doling out voided out checks, zero sum checks and forcing employees to pay to work. They are financially and physically punishing strippers by drastically cutting shifts and hours, bribing dancers, firing dancers for no reason, forcing dancers to sign illegal contracts that sign away our basic human rights and intimidating workers to sign or leave. Strip club owners in California are busy making our already precarious working conditions hostile and unsafe with their polices that include but are not limited to: wage theft, tax evasion, extortion, gender and racial discrimination, assault and harassment. Strip club owners are violating labor codes and using coercion and intimidation to keep strippers scared and broke. We demand for strip club owners to cease and desist these violations. We strippers of California deserve a safe, sane work environment. We deserve the right to keep our income and all the benefits entitled to us by the State of California. Please stand with your local strippers as we fight our labor war.