Daily Power Cuts In Dehiwala, Sri Lanka

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The residents of Dehiwala have been facing frequent power interruptions for many months now. 

What began in 2017, as perhaps a menacingly weekly occurrence, has now escalated to being a daily occurrence, with power interruptions ranging from 15 minutes to several hours.This is not taking into account the equally frequent power cuts due to “maintenance” which also leave us residents without electricity for full days. Most often, a weekend.

We are often left to figure out if it is an interruption or a breakdown as we cannot always connect to the breakdown service which is sometimes uncontactable, adding on to our frustration. The most frequent response given by the breakdown line team is that there is an issue with “the high tension wire”— words that we now hear on a daily basis.

As an example would like to share the dates we have had interruptions just in the last month as to help you understand the gravity of this situation. We, as residents, have now kept track of these dates, and we are certain that the records from the CEB will indicate the same. Please see below for dates of interruptions for ONLY the month of June (as at 15th June 2018):

1st, 2nd , 5th , 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 15th.

We are only half way through the month and have had only 5 days of uninterrupted power. 

The frequency of these outages are inconveniencing so many— Home makers, freelancers who work from home, small businesses owners, home run businesses etc that cannot afford the option of buying a generator so as to have uninterrupted power. As we see it, electricity in an urban area is not a luxury— it is a necessity. And one that we pay heavily for.

Clearly, there is an issue here that needs to be addressed. We fail to understand why we seem to be the only area affected by this issue when neighboring areas do not seem to be as badly affected .

If there is an issue, what has been done to address this? We as residents, hold the CEB accountable for this and would like to know what both the problem is, as well as the solution. 

Please sign and support us as we ask for the relevant area office, along with the following officials to look into the matter;

Hon Minister of Power and Renewable Energy- Ranjith Siyambalapitiya

Hon Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy -Ajith P. Perera

Chairman of Ceylon Electricity Board - Mr. W. B. Ganegala

General Manager of Ceylon Electricity Board - Eng. A K. Samarasinghe

Mayor Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia MC- Mr. Stanley Dias

Deputy Mayor Dehiwala- Mount Lavina MC–Mr. Keerthi Udawatte

Please write to us on dehiwalaelectricitygroup@gmail.com.