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Smosh tour

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Millions of people are fans of a popular YouTube channel called Smosh in which several creators put together their talents to form hilarious and entertaining content. Members of Smosh go to events like Vidcon to meet their fans, however Vidcon is in California, a place that not all fans can travel to. It's upsetting to many to know that they won't be able to meet their favorite people because they don't have the resources to travel there.

A lot of fans have brought up the idea of a Smosh Tour, where the members of Smosh would come to several locations across the United States (or perhaps internationally) and perform skits. Smosh did a live show in LA where fans came and watched them perform skits live, so their tour could include concepts similar to those seen at the live show.

We realize that tours cost a lot of money, but most of us would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for tickets, meet and greets, and merch. This opportunity would mean the world to many fans, and we do hope you consider the idea.

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