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Demand Defy Media Take Action Against Sexual Abuse

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Demand Defy Media Take Action Against Sexual Abuse

October 2017

Mr. Matthew C. Diamond, Co-Founder and CEO;
Mr. Keith Richman, President;
Ms. Gina R. DiGiola, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary;
Mr. Andy Tu, Chief Marketing Officer;
Mr. Michael Chiang, General Manager, Screen Junkies;
Defy Media Board of Directors.

This letter is in reference to the sexual abuse and harassment allegations made against Screen Junkies creator and Defy Media VP of Content, Andy Signore, and Defy Media’s cover up of said allegations.

We, the longtime fans of Screen Junkies, were alarmed and dismayed when news broke of Mr. Signore’s behavior, and the inadeqaute handling of said allegations by your organization. From the allegations made public, it is clear that Mr. Signore used his position and influence to lure women into uncomfortable situations, made unwanted sexual advances towards them, and intimidated them into silence. What’s more, your organization was made aware of these behaviors and chose not to do anything about it, preferring to “have Defy’s best interest at heart.” These actions are unacceptable, and the Screen Junkies fan community will not stand for it.

As such, we are making the following demands:

  1. Immediate termination of Andy Signore and any Defy Media employees involved in the cover-up of his actions
  2.  Formal, public apologies to any and all individuals who have come forward with allegations against Andy Signore and who may come forward in the future
  3. A full, independent audit of your company's policies and procedures regarding sexual abuse and harassment, the results of said audit be made public, and the full implementation of recommendations from said audit
  4. Donate $100,000 to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network)
  5. Commit to working as an organization to change your company culture and not allow any individual be subject to sexual abuse and harassment.

We love the work of Screen Junkies, and would like to continue to support the channel and the wonderful individuals who work there. This community has become like a family, and we would hate to see it go away. However, if these demands are not met, be sure that we will no longer be able to support the Screen Junkies channel, or any other Defy Media properties. We will also ensure your advertisers are made aware of this behavior, and that we will pull our support from them as long as they continue to advertise with you.

It is clear that Mr. Signore does not have the moral character to have the large platform he does. Your organization’s complicity in his behavior makes it all the worse. As you should be aware, this behavior is all too common in the entertainment industry. Over the past months, it has been made evident that this industry has a severe sexual abuse and harassment problem (i.e., Devin Faraci, Harry Knowles, Harvey Weinstein). It is on every member of this community - executives, staff, and fans - to make it clear that this sort of behavior is not tolerated under any circumstances, and to ensure we are not complicit in enabling these behaviors.

You have the power to steer this conversation and become champions of a healthy, productive, and abuse free workplace for all. Own it, and be better. We are watching.

The Screen Junkies Fan Community

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