Defund Toronto Police Services

We're tired of Biden's attitude it stinks bad I'm born again Christian he has done nothing but hurt millions of lives he needs to be punished for his crimes Once impeached I can see Spirits that people can't like Jesus and God I can yes do anything I want through Jesus's body I already accepted him as my Lord and Savior yes I accepted Eternal Life through him too What I want is people to curse In order to go with me to Heaven otherwise you'll be left behind The choice is yours Choose to curse and saved or choose not to curse and be left behind Jesus wanted me to deliver this message to all on this earth remember what Jesus did on the cross and why he wanted us to curse Jesus is coming soon you do want to be saved people don't you keep watching for the Signs we're at the end of days I know this cause I read my Bible a lot because Jesus has been showing me visions and this ain't no false prophet or false messiah's this is actually Jesus in my sleep as the real Messiah it's a warning from him he's coming soon that's why he wants you all to repent to turn away from your sins and I'm not at false prophet I'm a true prophet cuz I have church anywhere I want unlike these other churches they make you have church where they want you to

Kody Wemmer, Villa Park, KY, United States
2 months ago
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