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Dear San Diego City Council,

This past week San Diego has seen SDPD use aggression towards peaceful protesters exercising our first amendment right resulting in violence and harm. SDPD utilized tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber bullets and more.  These actions have resulted in rioting, looting, arrests of peaceful protesters, the harm of children, BIPOC, disabled folks and supporting members of the community. This is not okay.

The police currently receive 1/3 of the city’s budget. We ask to reject Mayor Faulconer’s proposal to increase the police by $27 million. We ask to decrease the police budget and invest in our communities by funding services that strengthen our communities. We ask for the demilitarization of the police force and to re-distribute the funds where needed. We demand the funding go towards social services, physical and mental healthcare, accessible public transit, housing, quality education, parks, access to food, and support to underserved communities instead of placing police directly into communities with a majority of BIPOC causing a vulnerability to violence. Nurture your communities and keep those at risk safe instead of targeting them. 

Break the pattern police departments have followed for years resulting in systematic oppression and racism.

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