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It's still not too late to support our petition - Defra are likely to take at least 6 months to respond to our appeal and the more support we can get the better - thank you to all our supporters.

Many people who visit Lincolnshire appreciate the distinctive qualities of the true Lincolnshire sausage and many visit the county specifically to buy Lincolnshire sausages.  

We have over 150 Lincolnshire sausage makers in the area and sausages are often a significant part of their business, if production could be increased it will help these small businesses survive in an economy dominated by large supermarkets. We have already lost far too many butchers from our high streets.  

Many of our producers would be able to expand their production to cope with extra demand, thereby making their businesses more profitable.  It will also encourage larger manufacturers into the county in order to produce ‘proper Lincolnshire sausages’ and they would not be able to corrupt the recipe.

PGI status would help to put Lincolnshire on the map as far as tourism is concerned – the more publicity and the more reasons for visiting Lincolnshire the better, especially when you know that your Full English breakfast is going to include a proper Lincolnshire sausage!

Letter to
Jim Paice, DEFRA
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Jim Paice, DEFRA.

Support Protected Geographical Indication for Lincolnshire Sausages

To ensure that the Lincolnshire sausage is no longer corrupted by 'alternative recipes' and specifications, to support the 160 sausage makers in Lincolnshire and to help tourism in Lincolnshire.


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