Outlaw the use of high risk meat for the feed of greyhounds used for racing.

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Greyhound trainers who give their dogs drugs to alter their performance on the race tracks may not be found guilty, due to confusion caused by them feeding their dogs contaminated meat.

ABP1 and ABP2 meat is high risk as it can often be contaminated with drugs or otherwise.

It is legal for a greyhound trainer/owner to feed their dogs meat that is NOT fit for human consumption, providing they hold a special license.

You would not be allowed to feed this high risk meat to your pet dog.

Greyhounds used to race have often been found to produce urine samples that are tested positive for drugs, which may alter the dogs performance while racing.

The trainer/owner of a positive tested dog may be requested to attend a disciplinary hearing under the Greyhound Board of Great Britain regulations.

In many cases greyhound trainer/owner have not been found guilty of administering any drugs to their dog  after claiming they use high risk meat to feed their dogs - contaminated meat (ABP2)

Many greyhound trainers/owners are not punished when dogs have tested positive for drugs as it is claimed in many circumstances to be impossible to define whether the drugs have entered the dogs system through contaminated meat or actual administration of drugs, therefore while it is legal to give the greyhounds high risk meat, there can never be truly effective disciplinary hearings in relation to doping of dogs and greyhound trainers/owners may continue to go unpunished as they are able to use the excuse of contaminated meat as the reason for their dogs testing positive for drugs.


We believe that this petition should be taken very seriously as the legal feeding of meat that is not fit for human consumption jeopardises the welfare of greyhounds used to race in relation to doping and can also aid race fixing.