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Oak farm, Halstead, sevenoakes AKA death farm!!
Oak farm has been going for many years, they use the animals for their butchers located in Catford. The way these animals are treated is totally unacceptable they have no food, no shelter and are in knee deep thick mud! The farmer has no interested in caring for the animals they are malnourished and severely underweight!!! Faye has been trying to shut this farm down for a long time trading standards, rspca have all been out but nothing Is happening the number of animals that are dying on this farm is terrible today we witnessed a small calf stuck in the mud since 6am the farmer didnt care and she was slowly dying what would have been a slow and painful death! We kept her warm trading standards arrived and they are trying to save her she is just one of the animals that have had this horrible experience but the others wasnt so lucky we cannot let this keep happening the farmer has already been taken to court for abusing 2 police officers when they tried to help the animals it just shows what a cruel cruel man he is he works along with his 95 year old father who had a ban on keeping animals they do not care about the welfare of their animals and the suffering that goes on in death farm!!! Let's shut this place down for good!!!