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Extend the Ban on Neonicotinoid pesticides to save all bees and other pollinating insects - two years is not nearly enough to make a difference!

Two years is not nearly enough for this ban as this pesticide is active for up to 18 years in the soil.  Farmers sowed their rape crops dressed with neonicotinoids last autumn and so these will grow this year, affecting the pollinating insects as normal since the mid 1990s. Neonics in the soil accumulate and ministers have the scientific evidence for this. The ban should also be extended to local councils and general domestic use.  The scientific evidence is conclusive that these pesticides are affecting bees and other pollinators and could be responsible for a decline in other wildlife in Britain because of the build up in the soil and water.  Britain's wildlife is in decline and the reasons for this are poisons alongside loss of habitat and climate change.  We can do something about the poisons and the loss of habitat now!  Remember DDT and the effects? Ministers need to ignore the pressures from the industries that make huge profits from the farming community while poisoning the environment with agrochemicals that are not necessary.

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  • Rt. Hon. Owen Paterson MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
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