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Petitioning Department for Enviroment Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA

@DEFRA - Clearly label palm oil on products containing it or a derivative thereof.

The growing demand for palm oil is devastating the tropical rainforests and peat lands in South East Asia, namely Indonesia and Malaysia. The ​Sumatran Tiger, Pygmy Elephant, Asian Rhino and the Orang-utan are just some of the endangered species pushed to the edge of extinction by palm oil production methods. 
Margarine, chocolate, cosmetics and even biodiesel, palm oil can now be found in 50% of our packaged goods meaning we as consumers can make a real difference. Unfortunately however, manufacturers are under no legal obligation to to tell you that palm oil is an ingredient in their product, instead they often choose to list palm oil as vegetable oil or a whole host of other names.

This needs to be changed if consumers are to make real informed choices in their purchasing habits.

Letter to
Department for Enviroment Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA
Manufactures must clearly label palm oil on all products containing it, or derivative thereof, in order for consumers to make informed environmental purchasing decisions. Please make this a legal requirement in the UK.