Why should Cantonments Road be allowed free Access to All

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Cantt Roads Or General Public Roads
Govt has declared Cantt roads open for general public, without any restrictions, apparently without thinking of repercussions on Cantt Security.. & Military hierarchy seems to have fallen over their heels to implement it post haste. This possibly is the worst ever decision against AF by present Govt, having unimaginable consequences on military way of life. With one stroke of pen, Govt has not only exposed Military weapons & equipment, it has made lives of all Soldiers, their Families & Children, vulnerable to anti social/ anti national elements, specially those living in Separated Family Quarters. Today, for security considerations, one cannot even get free access to civil industrial/ institutional campuses or private residential colonies..but the Govt has given free access to AF Cantts.
This is reflective of continued Down-gradation, Degradation & Humiliation of AF. However, this one decision just cannot be allowed to be implemented..& it’s possible to get it reversed..provided we all make ourselves heard. So..let’s all members of extended Fauji Fraternity be there to STOP this and raise our voice before some Kaluchaks, Sanjuwans , Nagrotta and Pathankots happen again.

The cantonment security can not be compromised to ease out traffic. It houses not only equipment and men but famlies too. I know How diffucult to is to pick up bodies oue own from own cantonments as was do the same personally after Kaluchak and sanjuwan and Tanda where cantonments were not proerlly guarded and were close to civil areas.

Lets Guard the security of our own installation, men and material and raise the voice.

Fauji Baba