Defend Equity at Farmington Public Schools

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Message sent!!

What a night! What an incredible outpouring of community support for equity at FPS. The anti-equity crowd said they were going to make an example of Farmington in order to "send a message" to Oakland County. Instead, our community showed up to the January 11 school board meeting en masse and outnumbered them at least 2:1. Nearly 50 equity supporters spoke, sharing powerful messages and personal stories. At one point, one of our speakers asked the audience to stand and hold high the purple hearts that we brought and passed out to all of our equity allies. Our side of the room was a purple wave from front to back. Several of the board members said afterward that it moved them to tears. Message sent. Thank you to all who added your names to our petition. In less than 48 hours, we gathered more than 600 signatures. We read it into the record, along with comments from those who had signed. "Starting the journey" is a phrase that came up again and again in supporters' public comments tonight. We know this win is a step forward — in the fight for true equity in word and deed at FPS, in working with the board to achieve our goals, even in the 2022 campaign season. As we write, GOP groups are posting video calling board president Terri Weems a "thug" and worse and boasting that they will get her voted out of office this November for her support of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our work continues. And we will persist, with the community pulling together just as we demonstrated so ably last night.

The Social Justice League of Farmington/Farmington Hills
5 months ago