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Defend Alaska's Polar Bears Against Big Polluters

Polar bears in the Hudson Bay are in danger of dying out completely as global warming melts away the ice they depend on to hunt for food.

The polar bears further north, including in Alaska, still have hope, but only if we reduce global warming pollution--starting now.

Big polluters are doing everything they can to continue dumping unlimited global warming pollution into the air. Right now, they are attacking the Clean Air Act and Environmental Protection Agency.

Please add your voice in defense of Alaska's polar bears today!

Letter to
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Congress and President Obama.

Please let the Environmental Protection Agency do its job of controlling carbon pollution and oppose all attempts to gut or undermine the Clean Air Act.

Right now, there are no limits whatsoever on the amount of carbon pollution companies are allowed to emit. The technology exists to greatly reduce the air pollution affecting our natural world, but big polluters have blocked the very initiatives that would make it more available.

We've let polluters have a free ride long enough. Please stand up for clean air rather than doing the bidding of oil and coal polluters.


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