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The EU has proposed a tax on affordable imported solar panels that will make solar energy more expensive than coal or nuclear, meaning clean solar won’t replace dirty energy.

Climate change is our generation's biggest challenges and affordable solar energy is an important part of combating climate change. Karel De Gucht (EU Commissioner for Trade) can prevent this solar panel import tax that he is threatening to impose.

Letter to
EU Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht
We need your support to ensure affordable solar energy grows across Europe. The EU Commission’s proposed import tariffs on solar panels directly harm the EU’s fight against climate change. They will make solar energy, a major tool in combating climate change, more expensive than dirty coal or nuclear.

Please don’t jeopardise the planet because of a small number of uncompetitive EU solar panel producers – there are bigger issues at stake. Use your influence as the EU Trade Commissioner to keep EU leadership in combating climate change and to protect our generation’s future. The importance of this is bigger than all of us and we need you to do your part.

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