Grant of NFU to Armed Forces is at Par like that of for Civil Servants. Implement it.

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Dear All,To  solve  the parity of Seniority by number of years done rather  than on Ranks structure between Armed Forces Officers  and equivalent Civilian Bureaucracy  ; is as  essential as a Motivation to work selflessly for the Nation by Soldiers as it is for  Civilians bureaucracy due to limited higher promotional avenues in a steep pyramid structure.Both cadres Officers  Entries are through tough UPSC All India Exams  for NDA /CDS /Technical Entry School levels /OTA as being done for Civil Servants. In civil servants exams large seats are under reservations /quotas where in a candidates with least passing marks of 45 % to 55 % in written exams can also make the grade compromising on the Quality of Human Resources Output especially in the matters of National Policy Drafting or District Governance Models. The failure of implementation of various Government schemes or sluggish District Governance all around the cities in India,  are shinning example of low quality output compared to Cantonment Board Living Standards in any city in India.The high risk,uncertainty of his tour of  temporary deployment,  personal sacrifices, limited common citizens rights of a Armed Forces Officers makes his life much  more miserable compared to Civilian Officers Personal lifestyle on Central Deputations at Delhi /Abroad /State Cadres Postings. The recent report made by Secy DP, MoD is a case in pointer that in MoD, 55 %of Pay budget goes to the Civilian Cadres &65 percentage of pension budget also goes to the civilians cadres of Defence PSUs, DRDO etc. Therefore MoD is more of cosy lifestyle for Civiliansale than compared to  Uniformed Soldiers. Logically speaking they shouldn't be getting NFU at all,but if NFU is implemented for Civilian Cadres in 6th Pay Commission in India,  than same should be applied in Defence Forces also  asap as Ranks don't change the primary core competency of Officers of any rank in Armed Forces  to engage in active Operational Fighting Roles or Flying a aircraft or Guiding a Frigate or Submarines. AFT has already passed the order to implement it in Armed Forces,so SC or Govt of India should not contest it for creating more distrust or demeaning the Cadres that Future Generations don't like it as a Prestigious Services in the honour of protecting it's own motherland from the Jihadis /terrorism or adversaries or mercenaries or migrants of armed private armies in our neighbourhood. This when gets implemented sends right message to all our citizens that Real Heroes of India are truly supported by their own Govt whose job is to defend the territorial integrity of India .Hope our Defence.Minister Nirmala Sitaraman and PM Mr N Modi shall ensure early implementation of NFU to Armed Forces to spread the cause of Nationalism in true sense unlike it was since last 70 years.✌Jai Hind.�Group Captain Sanjay K Pandey, Veteran,Ex NDA A/71 ,140 Pilots Course / 4 FNC /82 GDOC /PARA /Gd Engg  @Skoponomics @Skoponomics/skop/LinkedIn -Sanjay Kumar Pandey /FB -Sanjay Kumar Pandey.3950.