Please reopen our access roads in Muzaffarpur Chakkar Maidan

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Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman,
Honorable Minister of  Defence,
Govt of India
New Delhi

Respected Madam,

I am resident of Chakkar Maidan South at Muzaffarpur. On the ill fate night of 26th Aug, the 151 Infantory Battalion of Territorial Army destroyed the road of Chakkar South on which we have been walking since our childhood. The Army in dead of night on 26th Aug,2018 deployed the JCB machine and destroyed the road when everyone was sleeping.  

This act of Army is completely illegal and in contravention of the laid down procedure of Defence Department. A gist of such procedure published in the local daily newspaper is enclosed for your reference. The act of local military authorities is in contravention of the laid down procedure.

As per the standardised protocol for closure of roads in Cantonments(as per the guidelines laid by the Defence Ministry in consultation with Chief of the Army Staff and the Defence Estates Organisation):

1) In case of roads, which the Local Military Authorities consider necessary for reasons to be provided, the process of closure of roads may be initiated. Due process as laid down under Cantonment Act, 2006 and the orders issued by the Ministry dated May 28, 2018 will be followed

2) The Ministry in coordination with Army Headquarters has devised a standardised protocol for closure of roads in Cantonments, in conformity with the provisions of the Cantonments Act, 2006. Emergent security needs of the Army have been duly taken cognisance of while devising the standard protocol to enable closure of roads in such circumstances.

In this case, not only the the due process was not followed but the sheer act of the local military authorities at the dead end of night has brought the sense of fear and inconvenience to the local people.

This issue has been hovering around so so many years and we have been playing the patience game with the hope that some day these teething issues will be resolved. As per the order of Patna High Court as well, it was ordered by DM not to stop the movement of the people on the aforesaid road.

In contravention of the High Court orders & the Ministry of Defence orders regarding the set protocol, this act was done to instill a sense of fear in the minds of local citizens and take revenge from the local citizens against the voice they have raised in the past against the ill behaviour and autocratic behaviour of the local authorities. In the past as well, there have been incidences of taking the law into the hands by local military authorities, which can be further verified by the past records and petitions.

This act by the local military authorities is unconstitutional and defies the fundamental right of citizens under Article 21 to get access to roads.

Madam, after so many years, we have seen a Government which takes decision which is unbiased, logical,strong and for the goodwill of the country in the long run. I must say, these would have been difficult moments but these decisions have been taken to make our country more democratic, transparent and has empowered the citizens for living a life of peace and pride.

I am an old person of 83 years and am approaching you for a just decision as our ladies, children and every single commoner is suffering and undergoing a mental trauma. It feels my heart with pain when I see children not able to use the road for going to school or not even able to stay outdoors for playing with peace. I truly believe this is not the dream that we have set for our future generations.

I am writing to you with much hope that proper enquiries will be done and accordingly the roads will be reinstated in the way it was before that ill fate night.I hope our respected Defence Minister will get all the matters enquired and accordingly appropriate action will be taken to get the road opened for which we shall be grateful 

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Ram Ekwal Sinha(Retd. Superintendent Engineer Public Health)

Chakkar South, Muzaffarpur