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Kids under the age of 5 should not be allowed in cinema halls.

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1.) Loud Noises Are Bad For Your Baby’s Ears.

Your baby’s body is still very underdeveloped, especially hearing. If you bring your kid into a movie and allow it to be bombarded with loud noises, Babies probably are going to start crying. Crying is typically a sign that the child is uncomfortable or in pain, so why are you making them suffer through 2 hours of something that’s hurting them? Isn’t that child abuse?

2.) TV and Movies Actually Slow Mental Development.

Just like with their ears, a baby’s brain is underdeveloped. It can’t process the images on a television screen the same way you can. What makes you think the same won’t be true when that screen is 30 feet tall?

3.) Neglecting or Letting Your Child Cry Can Actually Hurt Your Child.

A lot of parents do this, not because they hate their children, but because they’ve become accustomed to it and find themselves more inclined to ignore it. The child’s cries go unabated in the end, which is never a good thing when you’re dealing with an infant. For starters, an excessive amount of crying can cause health problems in newborns, such as damage to the lungs and spine. Normally, for most attentive parents, this wouldn’t be much of an issue. 

4.) It Will Also Allow Other People to Enjoy the Experience i.e Cinema.

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