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Remove ugly orange barrier on the CT River in Haddam

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Please use your good offices to require CT-DEEP to revoke a permit it issued to the CT Yankee Atomic Power Company (CY) allowing it to install a floating barrier blocking access to a one-mile public waterway along the CT River in Haddam. The barrier should be removed immediately and permanently.  Boater access to this waterway is a legal right under ‘public trust’ doctrines and state law.

Petition Background

This 220' fluorescent orange barrier is truly ugly and mars the natural scenic beauty of the CT River. CT Yankee, a private corporation, closed off - without a permit, a one-mile stretch of the CT River. The company accomplished this by first installing the barrier and then afterwards, applied for a CT-DEEP permit telling state regulators that the federal government required blocking access to this public waterway for homeland security and to protect the public. Evidence shows this claim is not true...that the federal government neither required nor authorized the closing of this waterway. Evidence also shows that CT-DEEP did not investigate the legitimacy of the claims CT Yankee made in its permit application. This ugly orange barrier has no right being there and protects no one but CT Yankee’s corporate interests.

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