Make sexual exploitation and prostitution of others an offence in India's Trafficking Law

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I couldn’t save ten-year-old Geeta, but I need your help to make sure no one else suffers like she did.

Geeta was bought by a trafficker from a Dalit slum in rural Bihar. She was sold to ten men every night. She got jaundice, tuberculosis, and finally AIDS from the repeated rapes by the time she was twenty.

She died when she was twenty-five. Geeta would have lived had she not been trafficked for prostitution.

Nobody punished her rapists, nobody punished her pimp, nobody punished her recruiter. They continue to buy and sell more girls.

There are 16 million women and girls who are trapped in prostitution in India today.

Horrifyingly, the Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2017 up for vote in Parliament

1.Does not include sexual exploitation and prostitution of others as an offence;

2. Has failed to remove a clause that punishes girls like Geeta for being forced to solicit in a public place by their pimps and brothel managers;

3. Has no punishment for sex-buyers who drive the demand for girls like Geeta;

4. Has no budgets earmarked for food, clothing, shelter, education and legal protection of the most vulnerable girls at risk to trafficking.

 If the Bill gets passed without any changes, those who buy, sell and rape girls like Geeta will get away scot free, simply because what happened to Geeta is not defined